Felicia Brooks

     The work of Felicia Brooks wrestles with love, adventures into truth, and develops through pain and healing. Intuition is layered upon loosely laid plans that drive her concept beyond points of reality. Paint is moved aggressively across the surface then faced with gentle force upon areas in need of mercy. The concept of imaginary landscapes, diverse cultures, and human relationships are explored with fear and trembling in a longing for justice. She creates out of a need for healing, a place of forgiveness, and a willingness to sacrifice for her craft.



     Felicia Brooks holds a Bachelors of Art in Visual Arts with a minor in Psychology from Florida State University, 2013. She has worked under an art conservator, helped close down a museum, and catalogued over 2,000 works of art. Fish has taught at Young at Art Children's museum, run and created programs in affordable housing communities, and taught for the City of Pembroke Pines. She has traveled to Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and El Salvador on mission trips, using her art to benefit the community, bringing back memories to inspire her work and the work of her art students, a cross cultural exchange. 


        Currently, Felicia Brooks is the Visual Arts Director at Parkway Middle School of the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She continues to embark on innovative ideas to artistically benefit the community through personal art work and collaborative initiatives. 

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